Saying Hello

Starting in May I'm moving on to a new position. Although it is another remote job (I have four kids and moving is really out of the question) I think it will be a lot different than anything I've done before.

My first job was in straight IT - building computers, updating systems, general helpdesk - that morphed into a developer position when they found out I could code. It wasn't a "computer shop" either - but rather a manufacturing company.

My second job has been with a consulting company so there's been clients, varied jobs, and all sorts of interesting things.

The new position is at MojoLive which is currently a startup. They have a interesting idea (even though idea is only a pitifully small part of a successful startup) and a great team. But what really sold me is their attitude about their employees. Being treated as a person and not a resource is a great change from anything I've done before.

I'm also intending to ramp up my involvement in open source. Work had frankly been eating too much of my time (I'm a horrible perfectionist and "turn off" poorly) and my involvement has frankly suffered. If you want some tangible proof of this - look at the distribution of blog posts for me. I have the "new" gtk for php (gtk3 and gobject introspection support) my winapi extension launch, coapp is coming out of beta...

Yeah, entirely too much to do and not enough time to do it. That being said - like every crazy programmer out there the "perfect" job would be someone paying me to work on open source ;)

Hey, I can dream.


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