The Gift - Ami/Zoi drabble

He sat beside her on the couch, thighs pressed against each other, and resisted the urge to laugh as she pulled off the valentine's wrapping paper.

"Zoi!" The word came out shocked and titilated, soft and appalled. "Where did you find this?" He laughed at the blush rising in her cheeks, laughed at the soft hands that stroked the leather bustier, the thigh high boots and riding crop, all in a rich, shining black. For a moment he imagined the hands on his flesh and smirked.

"It's real, sweetheart, right off the back of a cow. Not that vinyl crap." He reached out and ran a single finger down her cheek, laughing at the way she nuzzled against his palm. Her eyes met his and he was gratified to see the surprise and lust there.

"I can't wear this Zoi, I just can't" He chuckled again at her beseeching tone. She was dying to put it on but too damn embarassed to say so. He leaned closer, his breath hot against her ear and enjoyed the way her breathing shallowed and quickened.

"Put it on for me, sweetheart. You know you want to. I even got you a whip. I'll let you use the real handcuffs on me." She was almost hypervenilating now and he could smell musk in the air. He knew she was so wet her panties would be soaked.

"Zoi, there's no way I..." He stood up and slowly started removing his clothing, dropping one piece at a time on the floor, moving towards the bedroom. He loved the way her eyes stroked his body, loved the way they narrowed as his broad back blocked her view.

"You're not touching me unless you're in that leather, pigeon. And after you've played I'll make you pay for anything you do to me. And whatever happens, I get to be on top." He called the words back over his shoulder and was suprised to see a veil of determination fall over her face. He slammed the bedroom door as she stood and started stripping off her clothing, missing her narrowed eyes and the soft sound of her voice.

"We'll see who's in charge tonight, buddy."

I dedicate this to K.Wyse - who had a hard time seeing Ami in a dominatrix outfit :)


K. Wyse

Y'know ... she's not in that outfit yet. ^_^

2005-08-11 1:21 am


I love it! This is just what is perfect about this pairing...he allows her to really ahem explore all the dark dirty places in her psyche. Or at least as I think it would be..besides as others have often said...It's always the quiet ones. : )

2005-08-13 6:58 pm


Now that was funny. I loved every minute of it.

2005-08-24 8:19 pm

En En

Ooooh. This would lead perfectly into the erotica. Would love to read the erotica you have up, but it's protected. Boo. :p

2007-06-10 11:53 pm


errr, head over to the shitennou forums and I'm sure you can find the password ;)

2007-06-11 3:28 am

En En

:):) thanks a ton!

2007-06-11 8:41 am

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